About us

Provides specialist Quality Management - QA/QC services (Quality Assurance & Quality Control) for ERW (Explosive Remnants of War) clearance operations. We have built our reputation by performing the highest quality work and providing the most innovative solutions on the widest range of demanding and high profile projects.

AL- BASRA – QA & QC for BAC Instrument Search/Visual


In post-conflict or military training areas , UXO contamination can be extensive and often greater than the landmine contamination. When no mine threat is present Battle Area Clearance (BAC) operations may be conducted. The company has trained staff to conduct QA & QC according to the IMAS SOPs, & NMAS.

AL- BASRA QA/QC Company field visits


AL- BASRA QA/QC Company field visits (Zubar-PPG) to ensure the company was conducting clearance according to IMAS (International Mine Action Standards).