About us

Provides specialist Quality Management - QA/QC services (Quality Assurance & Quality Control) for ERW (Explosive Remnants of War) clearance operations. We have built our reputation by performing the highest quality work and providing the most innovative solutions on the widest range of demanding and high profile projects.

AL BASRA QA/QC COMPANY– QA & QC for Manual Mine Clearance (MMC)


Since the company duty is QA & QC , the company has a dedicated staff trained according the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) to the contexts of global and international supervision of the organization works staff according to the measurements of SOP, NMAS and IMAS.

The QC monitoring scope shall include but not be limited to:

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Reviewing any change to the Risk Category of an individual area of Land if it has been requested by the ERW Contractor;


- The inspection of cleared land (IMAS 09.20) before it is formally released to COMPANY;


- Defining the procedure in agreement with Client where by part or parts of an area of cleared land are taken for sampling as a representation of the whole area. The Company will implement the area to be sampled and where appropriate the random sample plan. The percentage of area to be sampled will be calculated using the IMAS Inspection sampling of Cleared Land calculator.


- Establishing the corrective action procedure to be used in the event of a lot failing an inspection. This shall include the process for re-inspection and the method by which the details shall be recorded;


- The size of any lot offered for QC inspection will be formerly agreed by all parties beforehand. This ruling however should not apply for smaller but isolated areas of land e.g. individual well pads;


- Being a signatory to the Land Release Certificate.


- Provides specialist QA/QC services for ERW (explosive remnants of war) clearance operations.


- We are a company specializing in QUALITY MANEGEMENT (QM). The company has imported all equipment and services related to this field, as well as provide technical advisory service in all matters dealing with the professional disciplines and quality.